(Fade in to Alex Munter - head and shoulder shot)

My name is Alex Munter.

I am the CEO here at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre.

I am proud of the work done by the staff, physicians and volunteers here when Canada opened its doors and opened its heart to 25,000 Syrian refugees.

In our community - here in Ottawa -

(Transition to father and child interacting with clinician in medical setting at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

most of those refugees were children and many required health care.

(Transition to child standing at table looking at a selection of books)

We hope the tools and information you find on this site can be informative to your organization,

(Transition to family standing in front of Canadian Parliament buildings)

to help you find ways to help newcomers whether they're from Syria or anywhere else.

(Transition to family walking through hallway of the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre.)

And I hope we can learn from you, learn from each other

(Transition to Alex Munter - head and shoulder shot)

about the best ways to make sure that newcomers feel welcome and flourish in their new home.

And I hope you're inspired by the stories of love and courage that you'll find on this site.

(Dip to black)